Designing for action, delighting with details. I’m Avyay, a humanist researcher and detail oriented designer, working at the intersection of engagement & behaviour change. My background in design enables me to leverage a variety of methods and theories to develop innovative & novel solutions that drive lasting change. I am currently a student at Indiana University Bloomington pursuing an MS in Human Computer Interaction Design.
Recent Work
Cost Analytics @ GEP Redesigning the user experience for a cost analytics platform to increase usability, adoption and tight integration among sourcing teams.
Design Agile Collaboration
Reliance Jio My work at Jio included revamping the employee service portal and creating fun and engaging experiences on the JioMart e-commerce app.
Research Design Collaboration
Track to Thrive: Redesigning Fitbit's Food Feature Simplifying the process of tracking meals to help you log, improve and succeed in your health journey by designing for behaviour change.
Research Design Testing Collaboration
ARKLid ARKLid is an assistive device that enables the visually impaired prepare meals that involve roasting. A design was conceptualised and prototyped.
Research Design Prototyping
POAKme POAKme is a solution that enables individuals with Osteoarthritis of the Knee access care and rehabilitation from their homes.
Research Design Prototyping Testing
ASSETS 2020 Student Research Competition Published my work at The 22nd International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility in the Student Research Competition.
Research Publication
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Gestural Interactions An exploratory project on understanding gestures as an interactive modality and their potential application in real world scenarios .
Research Design
UX Changes Some small changes that I think can make a big (or small, who am I to say?) difference to the experience of an application.
PhysioDot PhysioDot is an application that allows patients to perform their physiotherapy exercises from the comfort of their homes.
Research Design
Emotion Sensing Worked on a concept project to detect early signs of Conduct Disorder in children through affective computing and IoT.
Research Design Internship
GR2DC GR2DC is an application that enables individual drivers to improve their on-road driving through real-time and post journey feedback.
Research Design Testing
Medium I'm both highly cogent and incomprehensibly incoherent. Depends on your next click.
Trials with tribulations
Colour palette generator Generate a random palette for any project. Made using Github Copilot.
Prototyping Github Copilot
Gradient Generator Generate a random gradient for any project or try mixing and matching. Made using Github Copilot.
Prototyping Github Copilot
Accidents in Mumbai 2014 ― '18 Data story with Tableau visualisations about accidents that are commonplace in Mumbai.
The Great Sichuan Earthquake A geo-visualisation data story of the Sichuan earthquake of 2008 and how it came to be.
F1 2018 Driver's championship battle An attempt at visualising the F1 2018 championship fight between Vettel and Hamilton in AR.
Welcome to my world
Hi, I'm Avyay. But you can call me Avy :) I’m a Masters student at IUB, with 2 years of of experience as a UX Designer at Reliance Jio and a couple of degrees from IIT Bombay. Doodling Ferraris on my high school tables sparked a passion for designing meaningful and engaging experiences with emergent technologies. Through my research in human-computer interaction, I have gained valuable insights into designing solutions that benefit marginalized communities. My interests include building for health-tech, operationalising user delight & designing for engagement. As a designer, I find solace in paying attention to the smallest details and crafting meaningful microinteractions. I am constantly driven to learn more about the intersection between human behavior and technology, as I believe this understanding is crucial in creating effective and impactful designs.
Things I do outside of design
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