Jio Platforms Limited UX DESIGNER Collaborated with business and product teams to design mobile and web solutions for the e-commerce and employee service portal
Role UX Designer
Duration August 2020 - July 2022
Projects People First employee service portal JioMart E-commerce app
I can't share my projects because of legal constraints. Thus, I shall limit this section to describing my roles and responsibilities within Jio. I have worked on two applications in my time at Jio. I was first involved on the internal employee self service portal, People First, where I led the design effort for over 10 modules.
After six months on the project, I switched teams and joined the e-commerce team to work on the consumer-facing mobile and web applications. At JioMart, I was primarily responsible for the promotions and rewards, with engagement being at the core of the design process. These modules had a lot of business invovlement given the directness of the impact. I also designed core e-commerce experiences such as post-order user flows and customer care flows. Given the seasonal nature of e-commerce, I was also responsible for the quick turnover of flows specific to certain festivals.
Both the projects involved high levels of collaboration between business and product teams, market and qualitative research interviews with users, designing high fidelity mock-ups using design libraties, developer handoff, iteration of features based on business impact, and planning the timeline and roadmap of new design releases. Roles and Responsibilities
Collaborating with product and business teams to understand project goals
  • Gathering requirements from both teams
  • Crafting problem statements and setting success metrics
  • Discussing and agreeing upon deliverables
  • Defining timelines and follow-up discussions for future iterations
Surveying competitor products, conducting user research, and designing prototypes
  • Study market leaders and understand why their solution works for them
  • Interviewing users where greater understanding is required
  • Finding an apt metaphor that captures the essence of the feature
  • Converting user flows into wireframes and using the design library to design high fidelity mock-ups
  • Testing high fidelity prototypes both internally and with users
Handing over designs to developers and carrying out QA post development
  • Preparinig the assets as required by different developer teams
  • Supporting developers by clarifying any shortcomings of the prototype or iterations that might be necessitated to meet the technical constraints
  • Conducting quality assurance of the developed screens for flows and micro-interactions
Planning the design roadmap and allocation of resources to various projects
  • Involving business and product teams to plan the product roadmap and the details of the individual sprints
  • Including research teams prior to design sprints when extensive users research needs to be conducted
  • Prioritising and deprioritising deliverables based on resources available
I'd love to chat about my work at Jio over mail.
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