Twitter Inc. Hear me out, Elon!
Twitter has a bunch of issues that are baffling to me, as a user. I think I can address a few of them from a design standpoint. This list is will be updated as the fantastic team at Twitter tackles these challenges. Continuity within a thread
Problem Wanting to take action on the main tweet of a twitter thread requires the user to scroll all the way up to the top of a thread. This results in forcing the user to leave their current activity of making progress through the thread. Once this action is taken, the user cannot quickly find their way back to where they were. All of this results in a loss of context.
Solution Helping the user maintain context by providing frequently taken actions at the bottom of the screen. This appears only when the user scrolls down. Proposed flow of a user scrolling through a tweet thread
All actions afforded at the beginning of the thread are provided - the user can comment on the original thread, retweet it, like it, share it, or access the secondary menu that allows for more actions to be taken on the tweet and its author.
Another important context maintenance tool would be to allow the user to return to where they were. If the user taps the top of their iPhone to return to the top of the page, or mistakingly tap the back arrow, allowing the user to resume the thread where they stopped would be super helpful.
Small addition, big value
More coming soon!
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